Implementation Dip applied to learning Chopstick skills

So…the implementation dip applied to my chopstick skills.

I’ve never really considered my chopstick skills from this perspective, but I definitely needed to experience an implementation dip in order to eventually exceed my existing chopstick skill level. There are technical limitations to my original methods that would not allow me to get any better. For example, my chopsticks were too close together to get a good angle on the slippery peas. This is something that the traditional method addresses. I guess that’s why it’s the way that most people use them. It is more effective.

This is a good example of needing to get worse before getting better. because I had become so comfortable (and pretty good) with using my original method, In order for me to learn a new method of using chopsticks, I would need to learn skills that were new and difficult. I would definitely be less capably at least initially. But without this practice with the new method, I would never get better at it.

My abilities needed to dip as I implemented the “new” traditional method, before I eventually became more skilled at it, eventually exceeding my previous level of ability with my non-traditional method.

Lesson learned. Mom and dad know best. 🙂


1 thought on “Implementation Dip applied to learning Chopstick skills

  1. I never would have thought of this as an example – it’s great! I don’t think that any of us are free from those parental “I told you so moments”. Super application of the implementation dip and also of Lewin’s unfreeze – change – refreeze 3-Step change process. Sounds like you are solidly at new level of proficiency and are not looking back! Now you just need to share those tips with the rest of us… I still ask for the kiddie chopsticks!

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