10 Things to do about Resistance

On LearnForward.org, they posted an article written by Karel Halloway that took a practical look at CBAM’s stages of concern. The article goes over the stages of concern identified in CBAM, but continues on to look at addressing individual concerns, breaking down the suggestions by stage, from stage 0-Awareness concerns to stage 6-refocusing concerns

As well, this article identifies 10 things to do to address resistance. Here is a quick look at the list.

  • Acknowledge change as a process
  • Empower stakeholders
  • Encourage stakeholders
  • Set concrete goals
  • Be sensitive
  • Model process skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with emotions
  • Manage conflict
  • Communicate
  • Monitor process dynamics

Many of the suggestions may seem like common sense, but is it useful that Halloway compiled and organized these strategies to address resistance to adoption of change. I am not sure that it is necessary to follow each step in sequentially, if you are encountering some resistance in your implementation process in your workplace, some of these key points may be helpful. The full article is available to read here.



K. Halloway (2003), A Measure of Concern: Research-based program aids innovation by addressing teacher concerns, Retrieved from http://www.learningforward.org/docs/tools-for-learning-schools/tools2-03.pdf?sfvrsn=2


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